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About Red Ginseng Australia

Ginseng’s reputation as a panacea is well known, and well deserved. Amongst other things it benefits mental functioning, the immune system, and provides steady energy. It does this by bringing the body close to optimal functioning. This is completely different to a drug which pushes the body (or part thereof) too hard, risking damage. Instead, Ginseng allows us to handle stress and illness by making us healthier people, and therefore better able to deal with the problem.

But the thing is, not all Ginseng is created equal.

There are two main species of Ginseng, plus a few lesser-known varieties. And even with the superior species there are quality differences that depend on age and the method or preparation. So how do we tell the quality Ginseng from the lesser grades of Ginseng. This is important when we remember that Ginseng tend to be a little pricy.

What to Look for in Red Ginseng Australia

A significant factor in ascertaining the quality of medicinal herbs is the concentration of the active components. Basically, the higher the concentration of active ingredients the higher the quality of the particular sample of a herb. In the case of Ginseng there are many active components. It is possible that one sample of Ginseng as more of one component, and a different Ginseng has more of another component. This would make different Ginsengs better or worse in different ways. But in reality, the Concentration of all the active components tends to consistently higher in good quality red ginseng, and lower in other forms of Ginseng, which are less expensive.

Age of Red Ginseng Australia – Ginseng plants will increase their concentration of active ingredients as they grow. The optimal age seems to be 5, maybe 6 years. After this time the concentration remains steady. So look for Ginseng that has been harvested when the plant is 5 year old.

The taste of ginseng is moderately sweet when the plant is 5 years old. 3 year old ginseng is bitter, and 4 year old is bland.

If the ginseng plant is 5 years old it will have 4 stem scars on the root neck.

Best Red Ginseng Australia – The Korean Red Ginseng is considered the most potent, high-quality species. The other main species, North American Ginseng, is often considered a different plant, not a true Ginseng, though a perfectly good herb in its own right.

Disease on Ginseng – This is rare, but if you cut the Ginseng open and see dark green/black patches on the ginseng, or a ring of red dots around the circumference, then the plant has suffered a disease. This will taste unpleasant, and should be avoided.

Healthy ginseng will have an almost yellow core surrounded with a creamy white colour.

Red Ginseng Australia

Ginseng helps us stay in optimal health. Be better prepared for what life throws at us, and get some energy from Ginseng.

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